Renowned music industry accessory manufacturer UDG Gear has recently come up with its brand new UDG Ultimate Softbag LP 60 Small Black, SoftBag LP 90 Slanted Black and SoftBag LP 90 Large Black. The edgy bags guarantees the most secured transport of vinyl, designed especially for discerning DJ/producers.

For a serious DJ/producers, you need a durable bag for your vinyl and all your gear.  UDG know exactly what the demand and developed The Softbag designed for convenient to carry those precious vinyl. Made of high quality materials, this bag provides protection against drops, scratches & liquids.  Perfectly designed and manufactured to hold 60 records for Softbag LP 60 Small, 90 records for Softbag LP 90 Slanted/ Softbag LP 90 Large and other DJ gears. With front and side pockets for headshells, itinerant and accessories make this bag is a must for easy travelling and peace of mind for all your gears. 

With extensive products offering and travelling DJ in mind, UDG designed the bag with customized inside padding with special foam for extra strength and record protection.  Added extra protections and pockets still keep the bag lightweight and easy to carry around.

Product Details: