The brand new UDG Creator Laptop/Controller Stand reviewed by Magnetic Magazine and Digital DJ Tips.

Magnetic Magazine review:

It’s hard to believe the laptop generation of DJs has been around for almost ten years now and there has yet to be a completely portable yet sturdy laptop stand. Go-to gear manufactures have all come close, but none have meet the all the demanding needs of today’s traveling digital DJ.

Enter UDG, EDM culture’s preeminent bag and case manufacturer who’s been in the game since the vinyl days. They’ve taken the general design of the popular Crane stand and added some functional updates that get a few steps closer to the perfect rig to hold your laptop. These include adjustable height, a rotatable tray and a durable neoprene carrying case.

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Digital DJ Tips review:

UDG has come a long way since its days as the maker of record boxes to be seen with, and nowadays has all kinds of stuff that appeals to digital DJs – not least the UDG Creator Stand, that we’re reviewing here today.

Made of high quality anodised aluminium, the stand bears a definite resemblance to the popular Crane Stand, in that it has the same style of securing clamps, tubular construction and rubber rings to keep the horizontal tubes gripping to the surface/laptop.

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