UDG Ultimate Audio Cables

Designed to interconnect devices with USB interfaces. It is ideal for connecting an audio interface, USB microphone, instrument or most computer peripherals to a PC.

High-speed Audio Optimized USB 2.0 A-B and C-B type cable

Connects mic, keyboards, and speed-critical devices, such as audio interfaces and external hard drives to your computer.

Helps DJ’s and Producers maximize their performance

With a streamlined design, it is ideal for home and professional use where impeccable audio is a must.

Deliver professional performance

Made with superior flexible PVC cable construction, UDG branding on cable ends and cable strap validates they're official.


Includes UDG cable strap

You can shorten the cable to any length you want and even organize it to a portable size that can put in your handbag or backpack.

Corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors

Makes UDG cable more durable with lesser signal noise or degradation of signal over prolonged use. It also keeps signal cleaner with little bandwidth loss for a higher performance.

Two ferrite chokes: help eliminate noise in both directions

Prevents high-frequency noise from passing along the cable or its shielding. Making these the best USB cables to optimizing your audio performance.

Two Types

UDG Ultimate Audio Cables come in straight and angled options.

Various Color

UDG Ultimate Audio Cables available in 7 colors. Makes easy to identify all devices in your studio or on stage.

Various Length

UDG Ultimate Audio Cables available in 3 length; 1, 2, and 3 meters.

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