UDG Endorsees

FatBoy Slim

UDG Endorser - FatBoy Slim FatBoy Slim:
"I never leave home without them".

Carl Cox

UDG Endorser - Carl Cox Carl Cox:
"UDG bags are the best recordbags I have ever used".

Rik Simpson (Coldplay)

UDG Endorser - Rik Simpson Rik Simpson:
"UDG cases are robust and fit perfectly. I’m happy to move my much loved (and expensive) pieces of musical controllers and synths around in them when travelling between studios. In my opinion they’re superior to any other case".


UDG Endorser - DJ Tiesto Tiësto:
"These bags are perfect for the traveling DJ!"


Nicky Romero

UDG Endorser - Nicky Romero Nicky Romero:
"I love the UDG Creator Series".


UDG Endorser - DJ Chuckie Chuckie:
"The best gear for the frequent travelling DJ".

Loco Dice

UDG Endorser - Loco Dice Loco Dice:
"Thanx to UDG, I travel in style and comfort".


UDG Endorser - Dannic Dannic:
"UDG is a must have on tour".


John Fleming

UDG Endorser - John Fleming John Fleming:
"No other bags have been designed with DJ's and producers in mind; all my gear has a safe secured place with UDG".

Sven Väth

UDG Endorser - Sven Vath Sven Väth:
"I have been in partnership with UDG for over 12 years and they managed to improve their products continuously."

James Zabiela

UDG Endorser - James Zabiela James Zabiela:
"UDG bags are the only brand I trust".

Adam De Great

UDG Endorser - Adam De Great Adam De Great:
"I don't remember the name of my first girlfriend but I remember my first UDG bag!".


Erick Morillo - RIP

UDG Endorser - Erick Morillo Erick Morillo:
"After all my years of traveling as a DJ, the UDG bags are the most practical and sturdy bags I ever used. I have never got any problems".

Anderson Noise

UDG Endorser - Anderson Noise Anderson Noise:
"I have always used the UDG bags, my setup has changed a few times over the years and UDG really helped me during these changes. It is the best, most reliable dj gear and I highly recommend".

Ferry Corsten

UDG Endorser - Ferry Corsten Ferry Corsten:
"They are built to last".

Silas Hite

UDG Endorser - Silas Hite Silas Hite:
"The small UDG Ultimate Producer Bag is perfect for the traveling composer. It holds my laptop, keyboard, external hard drives, headphones, and cables. It also fits under an airplane seat so you don’t have to check it as baggage, which gives me peace of mind."



UDG Endorser - tINI tINI:
"UDG is part of my gang"

Roni Size

UDG Endorser - Roni Size Roni Size:
"As a travelling DJ and Musician it is vital that you have the right tools for the job. UDG, in my eyes, are the modern day Dj and Musicians Friend. UDG has made it so much easier to be able travel knowing your equipment will be protected and ensures that your travel is a 100% smoother ride".

Lady Waks

UDG Endorser - Lady Waks Lady Waks:
"With UDG anytime and anywhere they know exactly what we need!".

DJ Svet

UDG Endorser - DJ Svet DJ Svet:
"I use UDG since 2000. I like excellent quality of bags, their style and a practicality".


Raul Rodriguez

UDG Endorser - Raul Rodriguez Raul Rodriguez:
"UDG continue to offer stylish creations. Ever since I have been a DJ I have only trusted UDG".

Roxy June

UDG Endorser - Roxy June Roxy June:
"UDG makes the best DJ bags I have ever used, they become a part of my life".

Junior Sanchez

UDG Endorser - Junior Sanchez Junior Sanchez:
"My relationship with UDG has been since the company started. They're the only real choice if you're a travelling DJ. They are reliable, solid & long lasting, quite simply the best! I'm looking forward to my continued world travels with UDG by my side."


UDG Endorser - Paroma Paroma:
"UDG is the best of it's kind and satisfies every DJ needs."



UDG Endorser - Krust Krust:
"I'm really impressed with my UDG bags. The best bags I've had for traveling to gigs or the studio. Outstanding!!"

Bagagee Viphex13

UDG Endorser - Bagagee Viphex13 Bagagee Viphex13:
"I can always rely on UDG to ensure my DJ equipment is safe when moving from show to show".  Bagagee Viphex13 is one of Miller SoundClash 2014 Finalist.

Plastik Funk

UDG Endorser - Plastik Funk Plastik Funk:
"UDG is like Swiss Army Knives".


UDG Endorser - DJ Wask Wask:
"UDG has accompanied me throughout my career, protected my ‘tools' that give life to my gigs and liveacts".