Lange was born in Shrewsbury. His career began in 1997, signing his first recording contract with Additive Records in the UK. Early popularity was achieved with a collection of releases attracting the attention of industry leaders such as Paul van Dyk, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules. A mixture of slow build-ups and melodic choruses gave Lange several hits in the UK Singles Chart. His first success was his remix of DJ Sakin's "Protect Your Mind", which became a club track. This was followed by his Lost Witness "Happiness Happening" remix. Other remix credits include work for Faithless and The Pet Shop Boys (the Lange remix of "New York City Boy" featured on their PopArt album's bonus "remix disc"). In 1999, he released the vinyl-only single "I Believe" featuring vocals by Sarah Dwyer charting at No. 68. A year later, in 2000, he released the single "Follow Me" on Positiva, featuring the vocals of Cecily Fay from The Morrighan. Upon its release, the track was deemed chart ineligible as the CD single contained six tracks (including the previous release "I Believe") and over 40 minutes of music (at the time, chart rules stated that CD singles could only contain three tracks with a total running length of 20 minutes). Thus the single reached No. 1 on the UK budget album chart upon release, staying in the chart for four weeks. "I Believe" and "Follow Me" were re-released as part of Positiva Records 10th birthday celebrations in 2003, reaching No. 12 in the UK budget album chart.

Lange: "The most important thing I carry with me on tour is my music, and UDG gear keeps it safe and secure."